math anxiety

How to help your kid deal with math anxiety

Though Math is a very important subject, many students face difficulty while dealing with the subject. Very often Math related anxiety exists in people who have a fear of the subject, get nervous easily, or feel pressurized while dealing with Math. Thus, if you are a parent, trying to help your child to deal with […] Read more »
social media phone screen

Social media etiquette

Today’s post is all about social media etiquette that should be done while you are in job hunt (& at all times). Most of these tips are common sense but sometimes we all need reminders. Clean Up All Your Social Media Sites Get rid of all of those embarrassing pictures you’ve been tagged in or […] Read more »
girl driver wheel

Is owning a car at college really worth it?

In a country as large as the United States, sometimes it seems obligatory to own a car. But when you’re in college your life tends to compact down to a small space, particularly if you live on campus. You go to class, eat at the dining hall, hang out in your rooms, nap on the […] Read more »