Mother and daughter playing with soap bubbles

A few things about childhood happiness

Was your childhood full of happy memories? This may seem like a simple question, but it can be one of the most difficult questions to give a concrete answer. There are different events, activities, and things you encountered during your childhood that have a great impact when it comes to answering such a question. There […] Read more »
Young woman helping girl with homework

How to help your kids with homework

Homework has become a significant part of today’s learning. As a parent or a guardian, it’s your obligation to support, direct and encourage your children to do the best when it comes to their homework. Please note that a child’s homework can have a direct impact on their performance in the classroom and their overall […] Read more »
small funny girl in eyeglasses writing and drawing

Vision loss in children

Vision loss is one of the worst conditions that can affect you or your children but this article sheds more light on everything you need to know about vision loss in children and if there is something that can be done to rectify the problem. While some children are born with the problem, some develop […] Read more »

How to use a nasal aspirator for kids & babies

It is not out of place for an adult’s nose to get blocked. When this happens, the average adult knows what to do to feel better. Just like adults, babies also get stuffy in the nose. However, unlike adults, they cannot do anything about it on their own. It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents […] Read more »
family of three during flight

5 hassle-free hints for your family vacay

Picture the scene… You’re on your way to your dream family holiday, cruising at 35,000 feet high in a comfy airplane and enjoying a chilled glass of champers with your better half, while your kids are peacefully plugged into their iPads in the row behind. But this idyllic scenario only comes after months of tense […] Read more »