backyard bbq

10 backyard BBQ ideas for the coolest summer bash ever

Are you planning on throwing a summer BBQ party in your backyard? If yes, then you have come to the right place to get inspiration. I have compiled a few ideas that you can use to throw an awesome house party. While some of the ideas are a little mainstream, I still think they look […] Read more »
staying fit running

7 hacks for staying fit on the road

Gaining or losing weight to a level where you’re uncomfortable with your physique is something that is much more likely to habit when you can’t stick to your routine. Away from your gym, your treadmill and your workplace, you might have a hard time maintaining a healthy body weight or even start losing some of […] Read more »
family healthy eating

A parent’s guide to teaching kids healthy eating habits

Most of us probably look back on our eating habits as children and wonder what we were thinking. As a child, you’re not counting calories … and everything fits your macros! What’s a vegetable? Dinner? Why have dinner when you can skip straight to dessert? These are all common questions that run through a kid’s […] Read more »
milky way night photo

7 beautiful destinations to see the Milky Way

If only you knew what light pollution had taken away from us. As a stargazer, if I look up to the sky, it just makes me feel disappointed because the light pollution has made it impossible to view stars from the naked eye. Have you ever seen the night sky during a power outage? It […] Read more »
taking a glass of beer

Breaking the habit: what are the 3 stages of alcohol withdrawal?

Alcoholism is a serious health crisis that has plagued many nations of the world. Today, alcohol is the most abused drug substance in the world with Governments spending billions of dollars on an annual basis on treatments. There are basically three stages of alcohol withdrawal, these are; The Mild, Moderate and “Delirium Tremens”. Each stage […] Read more »