The benefits of flowers, shrubs and trees in and around your property

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You may be wondering whether to introduce a new array of flowers, shrubs and trees into your garden. In this short article, you’ll find out some of the benefits of including plants inside and around your property.

The benefits of planting flowers in your garden

Incorporating fresh flowers into the design of the interior of your property will bring a number of benefits. The most prominent benefits of having fresh flowers inside your house include:

Atmosphere – Flowers can turn a dull colored room into a vibrant one. The fragrances of fresh flowers will also further enhance your living space.

Mood – Leading on from above, not only do flowers contribute to a pleasant aroma and colors, but they also have a mood lifting and relaxing effect. A study conducted at Washington State University found that participants displayed increased friendliness and happiness around a natural environment.

Planting flowers outdoors in your garden also has benefits; Flowers will add lively color to an all-green garden, thus improving the overall appearance of the garden.

The vibrant colors and fragrances of the flowers will attract various insects, most importantly bees. Having a garden which allows bees to thrive will benefit the species and your garden – they will help in pollinating other plants around your garden and the surrounding area.

The benefits of planting shrubs and bushes

Planted outdoors, shrubs and bushes can provide a host of benefits to your property.

One notable benefit is planting deciduous shrubs in line with windows that receive morning or evening sunlight – During the summer months, the foliage will block out the sun’s rays and during the winter will allow warming light in, thus reducing your cooling/heating bills.

Shrubs and bushes are also great for covering large areas, which when completely grown will reduce the amount of weeding required in your garden.

Further to this, taller shrubs are an excellent solution to providing a border or adding natural privacy to your garden. Or if you have an unsightly object such as a large drain pipe, a shrub will provide good covering.

Shrubs and bushes are great soil enhancers. In areas with poor drainage, various types of bushes can improve water irrigation, which in turn benefits other more fragile plants nearby…
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