The best fall cleaning tips for a sparkling home

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It is more common to find people paying attention to spring cleaning than fall cleaning. Fall cleaning is as essential as spring cleaning, and it has to be done right.

This is a crucial moment where you have to carry out a deep cleaning of your home due to the changing temperatures combined with closed windows which are perfect conditions for the growth of harmful germs and allergens.

To help you clean your home, here are the best fall cleaning tips for a sparkling home:

Don’t ignore your windows

It is quite tempting to leave window cleaning until spring but don’t! When windows are not cleaned for a while, a fall downpour makes them look dirty with scratches.

Some experts have suggested that using rainwater to clean windows is better than using tap water as it contains fewer contaminants.

So, prevent your windows from looking quite disgusting by washing them in the coming weeks.

Declutter your wardrobes

Chances are there are a lot of unused items in your wardrobe. Fall is the time when you don’t want such things gathering clouds of dust in the closet.

Not that you want your items gathering dust at any time of the year, but the growth of bacteria could be worse during fall.

Storing items that you no longer need will only make the home messy over time. So, use fall as the perfect time to sort out these items, donate the ones you can to a local charity store and check out the ones that can be recycled.

Clean behind and under the furniture

When was the last time you moved the sofa bed or closet to clean behind? A lot of people don’t do this even when they vacuum the house weekly.

During fall, take the time to clean behind, above and under the furniture. No doubt, when you are done, there will be lots of dust, debris, dirt, and allergens that you have gotten rid of.

This is an excellent step towards a sparkling home.

Get rid of cobwebs

Fall is generally the breeding season for spiders. It is essential to get rid of cobwebs from your home as much as you can. There are easy ways to get this done.

You can use an extendable duster which will allow you to get to cobwebs in the ceiling. You can also use the hose and extension tube installed in your vacuum cleaner…
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