The ‘guy with everything’ gift guide

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Happy Sunday! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Today I’m bringing you more gift ideas with the ‘guy with everything’ gift guide. This is perfect for the guy who buys everything, doesn’t tell you what he needs, or the every guy.


A great option for the guy with everything is to get him clothes. Most men are bad at shopping for themselves so it is up to us girls to buy them new clothes and to keep our men looking good. Some ideas are sweatshirts, plaid button ups, dress shirts, lightweight jackets, winter coats, puffa jacket, jerseys, just to name a few. Other great ideas are boxers, jeans, robes, and sweatpants.


Now that you picked out new clothes, think about a couple of accessories to go with them. If you opt for a sweatshirt and sweatpants outfit, a ball cap, socks, slides, and/or new tennis shoes are a great option. Beanies go great with new coats. A watch, wallet and sunglasses go great with any new outfit.

Food and Drink

Most guys love good food and a cold beverage (or warm cup of coffee), so why not get them something food and drink related? If your man is a beer drinker, gift him a map of the United States that he can add beer caps to. Other beer/alcohol related items include a can cooler, flask, cocktail kit, or tumbler. Now if your man enjoys food, think about a fun book, like this Food & Beer book, or a grill set. A new coffee mug with a sweet message or travel mug is great if your man enjoys coffee. (Useful link: how to get rid of coffee stains from your teeth). Another option is a cooler which is great for every man.

Other products

Lastly, the fun stuff. There are so many great items you can buy your man that he might not think about for himself. A bluetooth speaker is great for the music lover. Cards Against Humanity is fun for the guy who likes to joke around (or make inappropriate comments). GoPro camera, travel shave kit and luggage is perfect for the man who likes to travel. Other items that are perfect for the guy with everything is a pocket knife, new phone case, headphones, cologne and Roku player.

Do you have a man in your life that has everything and is super hard to shop for?

How far along are you with your gift shopping?

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