The ultimate beginners guide to buying an engagement ring

woman wearing engagement ring

So you’ve found the girl of your dreams and planned the perfect proposal. But have you managed to find the ideal engagement ring?

If not, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

A decision to propose to your girlfriend no matter how long you’ve been dating is a huge one. The last thing you need to add to the pressure is the uncertainties of buying an engagement ring.

Having said that, it’s among the most important purchases you can engage in, and so being at ease, and confident is crucial. Here, you’ll see an easy, step-by-step guide that will solve any question you might have regarding buying an engagement ring.

So let’s get started!

Before You Buy

Before looking at the diamond-ring jargon and the 4Cs, it is essential to first look at some critical things. This includes identifying her style, her ring size as well as your budget.

To get your girl’s style, you can look at the jewelry she has been wearing. By doing this, you’ll know whether she’s a traditional type or a lady who’ll want a unique ring.

You can also ask her friends. Whether she likes a bold emerald stone or feminine marquise cut diamond, they will let you know.

To know her size, you can take one of her rings and come with it to a jeweler so it can be measured.

Choosing the Diamond Quality

If you’ve decided to buy a ring with set diamonds in, you’ll need to know the signs to consider in your search for a quality stone.

You’ve probably heard about 5Cs – cut, clarity, color, carat, and certificate. These are the qualities that will determine the value of a diamond and its appearance. Let’s look at them in detail.


The clarity of a diamond revolves around the imperfections that the diamond has. The fewer the flaws a diamond has, the more clear and expensive it is.

When talking about diamond clarity, the jeweler might mention the inclusions. Inclusions refer to the tiny fractures or other minerals in the diamond.

A scale determines the level of clarity. Both SI1 and SI2 are slightly included but you can’t see the flaws using the naked eye. You’ll need to find a diamond in this range.

Avoid diamonds with inclusions in the middle and on the top as they will be less brilliant…
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