Things to consider before buying a menstrual cup

menstrual cup

Menstruation is one of the things that women cannot skip through. Not unless is battling against a certain medical condition, but other than that, it is irreversible.

Periods are branded as uncomfortable and somewhat a penance due to the factors that a woman needs to put up with, such as cramps, PMS, cost, and discomfort of tampons and sanitary pads.

With this said, surely you would do anything to at least lose one or two things off of that list. You will now know why many women are now menstrual cup converts.

If you already have heard or read about what a menstrual cup is and the benefits it offers during red days, then this article might help you in deciding things regarding menstrual cup.

Your Cervix Height Matters

Many women overlook this critical factor when buying a menstrual cup like the Daisy Cup. It might be mostly because of lack of information or research. Thus, let us be the one to tell you how important knowing your cervix height is.

Cervix is a part of your reproductive organ wherein your menstrual blood flow, and egg cells inhabit. The cervix’s primary function is to keep unwanted viruses and bacteria from invading your uterus.

So, on to the significance of menstrual cup and cervical height. If you know the length of your cervix, then it will give you enough information as to what period cup size fits you best. This will help you narrow down your choices and make sure that the cup fits snugly and comfortably inside your private area.

It is a great help for you since menstrual cups come in various sizes since women don’t have the same size of cervix height. For instance, if you have a friend that has a low cervix, then her vaginal canal is short. Although she has a low cervix, that might not be the same case for you. Thus, you need to measure your cervix.

Menstrual Cup Can Be Messy

You might have heard about all the advantages of using a menstrual cup from its avid user. However, there is always a downside to every product.

If you are new to using a menstrual cup then hopefully, you will not find it surprising if you need to reach far up into your vagina just to retrieve the cup…
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