This is what you need to know about psychological erectile dysfunction

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You’ve got a problem in the bedroom – but you’re not quite sure what’s causing it.

Dealing with erectile dysfunction, or ED, can be a challenge for many men. You may feel like you’re disappointing both your partner and yourself, which can affect your relationship and your confidence.

Often, the cause of ED isn’t physical, but mental. Do you think you may be experiencing psychological erectile dysfunction? If so, is there anything you can do to fix it?

There are a few things that men need to understand and know about psychological ED – to learn more, keep reading for our guide to the issue. Plus, learn how you can solve the problem and restore your erections.

What Is Psychological Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, a condition where men struggle to maintain an erection, can be either physical or psychological.

If it’s physical, this means it is caused by medical conditions, such as aging, cancer, diabetes, or other issues that impact blood flow to the area. In contrast, psychological ED is caused by mental factors.

Sometimes, it can be hard to know which is the cause. So, the best option is to speak to your doctor first.

Through a series of questions and tests, they can rule out medical problems and help you better understand the cause of your ED.

Symptoms of psychological erectile dysfunction vary, but you may notice that you can have an erection on your own, or when watching pornography, but not with a partner.

Also, if you find that you naturally wake up with morning erections, this is a good sign that everything is working well physically.

There are quite a few reasons behind this, so we will go through some of the most common causes below.

Relationship Issues

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction signs, you may want to ask yourself how your relationship is going with your partner.

Often, relationship issues, concerns, or stresses can have an impact on ED. If you’ve been having problems with your other half, perhaps due to infidelity, financial issues, or disagreements, this can carry on into the bedroom.

Relationships are hard work sometimes, but if you can talk to your partner about what’s bothering you, you may find it can help ease the burden and help you feel more relaxed in the bedroom.

When talking to your partner about a tough topic, it helps to start the conversion at the right time, listen intently to their replies, and try to stay respectful and positive.

Having difficult chats can actually make your relationship stronger, so it’s worth trying.

If you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere when you try to talk about relationship issues with your partner, it can sometimes be helpful to try relationship counseling.

Having a third person involved to help mediate and offer suggestions makes it easier for both parties to express how they’re feeling in a safe environment.


Stress is something we all experience from time to time, but it can be hard to manage. If you’re feeling under the pump and undervalued at work, juggling family and social commitments, or worried about money, these things can all seep into the bedroom.

Even though you’re probably not thinking about work when you go to bed with your partner, the stress releases hormones into your body that can make it harder to have an erection.

Your body is saying that sex isn’t a priority right now, even if your mind is thinking otherwise!

This can be very frustrating for both you and your partner, but you can improve the situation. If you’re starting to notice symptoms of ED and…
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