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We all love a freshly cleaned home. But that is not always the case in our homes. You will admit that your home could be cleaner than it already is but maybe you are being overwhelmed by where to begin. Of course, it’s impossible to do everything at once. However, with the right tricks and tips, you can enjoy living in a cleaner home. Wondering if that is possible? Check out these tips and make good use of them. In the end, every corner of your home will be spotless.

Declutter the house

No way will a home look clean if things are lying all over the floor and other surfaces. Therefore, make it a routine to pick up stuff such as toys and other miscellaneous things and put them into their rightful places. Spare some few minutes every evening because if you leave them to pile up, the task will overwhelm you. If time is not on your side or you are feeling extremely tired, collect the items and put them in a small bucket or basin. It will be far much better than leaving them lying on the floor or the couch. You will deal with them when you have some spare time. Also, encourage every family member to keep their items in the right places. This will greatly reduce clutter around the home. Cleaning will be quicker because you will not have to deal with clutter as you clean.

Organize yourself

If you begin to clean without a plan, you will waste a lot of time. Before you begin your cleaning, put everything you will be using in a bucket. It will save you the trouble of going for cleaning tools and products every time the need arises. Then, move with your bucket from room to room. If you have a big home, then you can have two buckets. The important thing here is to learn multiple uses of tools and products to avoid filling your bucket with unnecessary items. For instance, you can use a vacuum cleaner on all of your floor surfaces. It will be quicker and you will save the time you would have kept on switching tools to achieve the same results.

Stick to a routine

The biggest secret to a cleaner home is sticking to a routine. Decide on the tasks you will do every day, once a week and once in a while. Stick to that without an excuse of feeling tired or lack of time. Then you will be rewarded by enjoying a spotlessly clean home all year round. However, don’t kill yourself with so many tasks and you still have other things to work on. It won’t harm to ask for help whenever the need arises. You can even engage professional cleaners to assist you with some tasks. Just don’t kill yourself in the name of a clean home.

Clean kitchen after use

This is one place most people go wrong, leaving the kitchen untidy in the name of they will work on it later. Understandably, you want to enjoy the meal you just made. But can’t that wait a little bit longer? There is nothing awful like being welcomed by dirty countertops the next time you get into the kitchen. After the meals, put any remains in the fridge and dispose of any leftovers. Then put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wipe the countertops. Remember to empty the dishwasher every morning. It will take you less than 10 minutes. A clean kitchen cannot attract household pests and will also provide the environment you need to make healthy meals.

Focus on cleaning

You have decided to clean the bathroom or the bedroom, right? Then why are you still on the phone? If you truly want to speed-clean, then you must focus on the cleaning task at hand. Period. Even TV can bring destructions. Switch it off and limit any other destruction as much as you can. You will soon realize that when you put your focus entirely on the task, it will be pretty easier to finish it and move on to other activities.

Involve family members

You shouldn’t make cleaning your home a sole responsibility if you have other family members living with you. It will not only overwhelm you, but you will have failed other family members who can learn a lot from the tasks especially the children. Assign tasks to family members and you will be shocked by how short cleaning time has turned out to be. Just ensure the kids get the fun and easy tasks so that they can enjoy their work and look forward to other tasks in the future.

Make your bed

When it comes to bedroom neatness, your bed carries the heaviest load. After all, it’s the most visible surface and even in some bedrooms, it occupies the largest space. In that case, make it a point to make your bed every morning. Also, make your bed look and feel cosy. Begin by rotating your beddings weekly. The sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers should be washed on a weekly basis. This is vital because beddings collect dust, skin flakes and also sheds its fibre. A clean bed is a recipe for good quality sleep and all the benefits associated with good sleep. Keep your bed clean and feel like you are on a vacation every night.

Bleach away stains

If most surfaces around your home are invaded by stubborn stains, then it won’t look clean even after a thorough cleaning. Hence, make sure you first deal with stains on surfaces like countertops, sinks and floors. Bleach the stubborn stains and make your house sparkling clean.


Making your home spotless clean is possible. With the right tips, the process does not have to be painful and time-consuming. You can do your house chores and still get enough time to do other fun activities like taking a nap, going for an evening walk, trying out a new recipe, watching a movie and so on. You just need to organize yourself, focus on the tasks at hand and stick to a routine. Happy home cleaning.

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