3 tips for grooms to be

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If you’re recently engaged, congratulations! Finding the person of your dreams and making the decision to marry them is huge, and it’s definitely a fun and exciting time! Of course, with wedding planning can come a lot of stress and some huge expenses, especially in this day and age with the cost of weddings skyrocketing.

If you’re deep into the planning process and feeling overwhelmed, worry not! There are lots of tweaks you can make to your life to make it all so much easier and less stressful, both for yourself and your fiancé. Here are 3 lifestyle tips for grooms to be.

Support Your Fiancé

In many cases, the bride-to-be is the one with a grandiose dream of a big and beautiful wedding, and because of that much of the planning responsibilities end up falling on her. This isn’t always for lack of caring on the groom’s part of course, but some men just find it easier to let their future wife make all the decisions when it comes to wedding planning. Unfortunately, this can become very stressful for a bride-to-be and she may be shouldering more than you realize.

Be sure to take time with your fiancé to check in on how planning is going, how she’s feeling mentally, and what you may be able to help with. If you sense that she has taken on too much, offer to take some of it off her plate. For example, you can offer to find and hire a wedding videographer if that’s something on her to-do list that hasn’t been done yet, or give her your opinion on things she’s feeling indecisive about such as color schemes or decor.

Stop Living Like A Bachelor

Now that you’re engaged to be married, it may be time to finally stop living the way you have your whole life – like a bachelor. This means you have more than yourself to take care of and worry about, and that someone else’s feelings will be affected by your actions.

Remembering to put the toilet seat down can go a long way, and you should also be checking in with your future spouse constantly about their needs. If you plan on staying out all night with your friends, communicate that so that your fiancé isn’t up all night worrying about you. The simplest things will mean so much and really show that you care.

Lean On Your Friends

Because planning a wedding or any other large event can be such a stressful endeavor, it’s important that you have a support system beyond just your fiancé and immediate family. Lean on your friends such as your groomsmen whenever you need their opinions on anything wedding related, or just to vent to and blow off a little steam when you’re feeling frustrated. Having friends like this will help you to be a better planning partner and in turn a better husband!

Being a groom doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, in fact it is such a delightful time in which you have so much to look forward to. Hopefully these tips can help to alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling!

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