Tips to care for brunette hair

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Brunette’s hair is just unique and pretty. No wonder many celebrities have chosen to stick with their natural brunette hair for a long time. More so, others have chosen to colour theirs to brunette.

Brunette hair color is considered the most common hair colour after black. Could it be because this fantastic colour is suitable for all skin tones as well as hair length? In addition to its beauty, finding a shade that matches your skin tone is pretty easy and you won’t have to dye your hair as often as it’s the case with other hair colour types.

If you want to find out more about brunette hair and how to care for it, this article shares this and much more.

What is considered brunette hair?

Brunette is a French word referring to people with brown hair. Although this is still an open discussion, the colour majorly describes dark to light brown hair colours. Among the various hair hues available, brunette hair is considered unique, pretty, and wealthy. It is also the easiest to care for.

People with natural brunette hair are mainly found in the Western region such as the US, the Middle East, and the UK among other areas. Their hairs are typically medium to light brown shades.

If you weren’t born with brunette hair but think it’s gorgeous, no need to freak out, there are tones of different shades of brunette hair colours you can put in your hair. The impressive thing about brown hair is its flexibility and the availability of numerous shades. Thus, next time you are heading to the hair salon aiming to colour your hair, be sure to ask your hairstylist the shades that blend well with your skin tone.

Caring for your brunette hair

The beauty of your brunette hair may easily fade away if you don’t care for your brunette hair accordingly. If you don’t know how to go about it or want to up your game, these brunette hair care tips will ensure you don’t mess up things any longer.

Follow these tips to have the most gorgeous, shiniest, and bounciest brunette hair at all times.

Be mindful of the products you use

The products you use on your brunette hair are very crucial. They can determine how your hair will look in the long run. As such, be very careful with the products you choose in the market. It is better you dig a little deeper into your pocket other than compromising on the quality of your hair’s products.

Try to invest more in the products primarily made for brunette hair. They contain the minerals your brunette hair requires. If you are travelling and aren’t sure you’ll find the exact products in your travel destination, pack your products to be on the safe side.

Shampoo and condition your hair

The happiness of your brunette hair begins in the shower. You have to keep your hair and scalp clean at all times particularly using cleaning products meant for brunette hair. It’s never a bad idea to pamper your hair strands with good-quality hair shampoo and conditioner. These products help to keep your hair clean, well-nourished, and shiny without weighing your hair down.

When washing your brunette hair, start by wetting it then apply a generous amount of shampoo to the hair. Gently massage it until forms a thick lather. Rinse the hair and ensure all the shampoo comes out. Apply the conditioner, leave it for about 3 minutes then rinse it. If you are a brunette through colouring, ensure the shampoo and the condition you choose are safe for coloured hair.

Avoid excessive heat styling

As much as you can’t do without your flat iron, it’s important to note that excessive heat styling can easily damage your otherwise good-looking hair. If you want your brunette hair strands to look good, then you have to be ready to give your hair a break from heat styling once in a while. This is not to mean you won’t be able to style your hair. It’s just that during this period, you’ll hand style your hair then allow it to air dry for improved texture.

Get a professional touch

Of course, you can perfectly maintain your brunette hair at home if you have the necessary products and the knowledge to treat your hair. However, hitting the salon and letting a professional handle your hair from time to time is very important. Your hairstylist is in a better position to advise you if you aren’t caring for your hair the right way or if there is a need to change the products you are already using. Besides, isn’t it lovely to have an expert handle your hair as you relax and read a magazine? Sometimes it is good to hit the salon just to get someone to pamper you.

Protect your colour

If you are a brunette via bottle, then you have to be extra careful with your colour. Just like blonds, exposing your hair to UV rays for longer periods can leave your hair looking dull and brittle. Therefore, you must protect your hair against sun damage by using products formulated with UV filters. Even though they won’t completely protect your hair, they will at least reduce the magnitude. Another thing you can do is to cover your hair with a hat every time you are stepping out.

What about a coffee rinse?

This is not some sort of a joke. Brewed coffee is a very good DIY brunette hair treatment. Pour a cold cup of brewed coffee on your wet hair and leave it for about 30 minutes then rinse it. It will help to make your hair look shinier and healthier.

Brunettes hair care tips

Whether your hair is brunette naturally or via dying, these tips will assist you to maintain fancy brunette hair gorgeous enough to earn you a second glance every time you pass through a street. Besides, you have no reason not to have well-maintained brunette hair now that there are many products in the market mainly made for brunette hair and more hairstylists are knowledgeable about this particular hair type. So, brown-haired people of the world, make your brunette hair stand out regardless of your hairstyle and be the proud brunettes you deserve to be.

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