Tips to consider when buying a handbag

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Handbags are great investments. If you are passionate about nailing your looks all the time, then you have to be ready to own several good-quality handbags.

One special thing about a good bag is its ability to transform and style up any kind of outfit. You may be wearing a simple-fitting dress with a pair of comfortable shoes but when you add a pretty handbag, your look transforms from simple to elegant.

Even with that in mind, choosing the right bag isn’t usually a straightforward activity particularly if you want something unique and worth all your money.

While the variety in the market can get you confused on the quality, type, size, and colour of handbags to invest in, here’s expert advice on the things to consider before purchasing that gorgeous handbag you can’t get off your eyes from.


There is so much that can be said about the quality of your handbag. Or won’t it hurt you to spend your hard-earned money on a bag that will only last a few weeks? This is a real case scenario when you compromise on quality especially when buying a handbag you intend to be using quite often.

If you want to buy a handbag you’ll be proud of, then it has to be of good quality. Since you may be ready to buy a quality bag but get misled by money-oriented salespersons, try to do your research before you set your foot in that store. Try to find out the most vouched for brands and settle on the one that suits your needs and budget. You can even ask your sister or that colleague who always carries a pretty bag. When you are convinced about the brand, take time to research the outlets that deal with original brands. It is worth noting that counterfeit products are all over the marketplace. If you are not smart, you might end up spending so much on a fake handbag.


Why are you considering yet another handbag and you have a handful already? Well, different women buy new handbags for a variety of reasons. You may be looking for a new bag to match your wardrobe, to grace an upcoming event, or to simply change the taste. All these reasons are incredible. Otherwise, who doesn’t like a new look, anyway?

Every reason would call for a special taste. For instance, if you are buying a handbag for a special event, the colour and size may be dictated by the event’s dress code. You can’t go carrying a green or purple bag when it’s an all-white event. If you are buying a handbag for everyday use, you may want a bag that’s simple to move around with, easy to access most of the stuff you put in, and most importantly, one that matches most of your outfits.


Your handbags must match your style and this may depend on your personality, preferences, and career. If you work in an office setup, you may need a bag that’s subtle in pattern and design. Those with a scarf attached to them look prettier and more fashionable. Plus, you can style them in different ways. Furthermore, handbags with magnetic closure look pricy even when they are not. So, if you want to look expensive, avoid the ones with a zipper.

If you are in the informal sector, you may go for a casual handbag. A very popular option is one with animal print. You can also choose one with details such as pearls, zips, buckles, or something close to that. Also, ensure it has a side pocket either in the back or in front to keep the small items you want to access easily.


Going with the trend is good. It can ensure you are never left out in matters to do with fashion. However, the truth is, it isn’t always the best option. If your taste and preference are completely different from a majority of people, following them will only make you unhappy. You will never appreciate the handbags you buy because you feel no attachment to them.

Overall, ensure you only invest in a handbag that fits your personality. Never, rush to buy a bag because a certain model you saw on TV was looking dope rocking that bag. You aren’t that model, dear. That look you see on that screen won’t automatically be what you’ll be looking for if you also buy that bag. Besides, you may buy it and never like it. Make your decisions wisely.


The colour is another crucial aspect to consider when buying your handbag. If you are purchasing the bag for an event or a special occasion, the colour may be dictated by the occasion’s theme. But if you are buying a handbag for everyday use, then you have the freedom to choose your favourite colour. The best option would be to choose a colour that matches most of your outfits. This shouldn’t limit you from trying out other bold colours if it doesn’t bother you. The key point here is to choose a colour that makes you happy when you look at your beautiful handbag or makes you feel confident while carrying it.

Pastel colours are quite popular these days. They have a special way to bring out feminism in a soft yet great look with most outfits. The other safe option would be cool colours such as soft pink, light blue, or even nude. If yours is classic colours such as black or brown, don’t worry, you are all set. These will still make you look classy and stylish.


When it comes to choosing the size of your handbag, whether it’s for work or casual outings, accept to be guided by your style, taste, preference, and more importantly, the items you intend to carry in that bag. You may fall in love with a certain bag but end up forgoing it with another one just because the items you are going to carry in it won’t fit in.

Another essential aspect is the size of the pockets. Are they spacious enough to hold all your small accessories such as the phone, keys, and any other small item you want to easily access?

Hence, go for a bag whose size can fit all your belongings comfortably. But be practical; your entire wardrobe can’t fit in a handbag! To ensure you don’t choose an oversized bag, get one that can only fit the most basic items and nothing more.

Invest in the right handbag

Hey girl, don’t exhaust your entire energy hopping from one store to another including online platforms trying to locate a certain kind of a handbag. As you check those price tags, brands, and styles of different handbags, let these tips guide you. Even if you are an impulse buyer, try to follow these tips. They will protect you from buying a bag you’ll only use for a few days or worse still, never use at all. Be smart and put your money into a worthy course.

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