Top 8 tips to make you less nervous on your first rafting trip

rafting in yellow boat

I must admit, I was downright spooked before my first whitewater rafting trip. I had nightmares of dramatic rapids consuming our entire raft, causing me to fall overboard and get lost at sea. My imagination got the best of me. Clearly. It’s a river, not an ocean.

Jump forward to the end of my first rafting trip. Our group is exiting the raft, giddy and howling with laughter, already reminiscing about our adventure.

Like a kid at an amusement park stepping off a roller coaster, I already wanted to go for another round. What was I so nervous about?

Having been rafting, I no longer have those first-time jitters. At the same time, I wish I would have saved myself some of the anxiety.

Or maybe you are embarking on a family rafting trip and you want to help ease your child’s woes. Here are some beginner tips I wish I had to make me less nervous about my first rafting experience.

1. Plan Your Trip Strategically

Choose the right time of year to go. Rafting in the early summer is known to be more challenging. The mountain snow has started to melt, making tides higher and rapids more menacing.

If you want a more mild trip for your first time, plan your trip for July or August.

2. Be Prepared to Get Wet

For most people, getting splashed by the water is the most fun part. It’s like Water World minus the long lines of sweaty strangers. But it’s only fun if you’re mentally and physically prepared for it.

Wear a bathing suit or workout clothing that won’t feel uncomfortable when it gets wet. Going out in all-cotton is not the move…as my younger cousin can attest.

The same goes for shoes. You can wear old sneakers, river sandals, or water shoes (many rafting companies rent them to you).

I personally think Chacos or Tevas are the right move. They stay on your feet, they’re comfortable, and water doesn’t sit inside them turning your feet into prunes.

My dad and I were wearing Tevas for our first trip, and I can’t tell you how many jealous glares we got from all of the miserable sneaker wearers.

3. Be Prepared in General

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be physically prepared. There’s nothing worse than feeling tired, sunburnt, and soggy in the middle of…
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