Top 4 movies for gambling lovers

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Gambling is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Some enjoy card games, others prefer online pokies, but regardless of the game players adore they will definitely be fond of the following movies.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

The movie is the real story of one of the best poker players of the end of the last century, Stuart Unger. His personal life is as mysterious and untold as his fate as a poker player. He became a top no-limit Hold’em player as early as 14 years old in New York, and at 20 he was the world champion in Las Vegas – the youngest in poker history. Brutal falls tried to break him, but Stu’s strong character lifted him to the pinnacle of glory each time.

Today, you have a chance to watch the movie, dive with Stu into the darkness of underground clubs and the glitter of poker tournaments, and sympathize, and maybe even envy this short but bright life.


Poker and money is a win-win combination for risky men. Making money at poker is the dream of many of them: it is easy, pleasant and profitable. However, in the movie “Rounders,” which shows the other side of the beautiful life – crime, fear for their lives and big problems. And when the case also involves a beloved girl, who, of course, only wishes you well, then everything becomes even more complicated, confusing and dangerous.

Directed by John Dahl, this movie was nominated for the “Golden Lion” at the Venice Film Festival for directing, and the main character, played by Edward Norton, won the Southeastern Association of Film Critics Award for his fine performance. The movie also stars John Malkovich and Matt Damon. Law student Mike knows all about the law. But that doesn’t stop him from being a professional poker player and making high stakes, while playing with criminal mastermind Teddy. Unfortunately, this time Mike is out of luck and a huge debt falls on his shoulders. In the meantime, old friend Lester gets out of jail and gets into serious trouble again. The only way to help his friend and himself is to start gambling again. But now the stakes become unrealistically high – and not just because of the money.

Rain Man

The subtle drama of human relationships has always attracted director Barry Levinson. In this Oscar-winning film, the director has not changed his line: the story is not trivial, and the actors are given the opportunity to show their talent to the fullest extent.

The punchy egomaniac Charlie Babbitt discovers that he has inherited almost nothing from his millionaire father. Moreover, the cynical yuppie is stunned by the existence of his older brother, who got all of daddy’s savings. Charlie is outraged and full of desire to restore justice. He finds the lucky Raymond in an asylum for the mentally ill. This circumstance further irritates Charlie, who has been offended by his parents’ last will. He does not understand at all why the autistic brother needs so much money. But Charlie has a plan, and to carry it out, he kidnaps an incapacitated relative.

Two for the Money

American director D.J. Caruso develops in the drama thriller “Two for the Money” a rather common theme in cinematography about an athlete who survives an injury that cuts his future career short.

The cloudless career of high-paid American soccer star Brandon Lang is cut short at the moment when the athlete suffers a serious injury. Where to go for a professional athlete who can only play soccer? Brandon, without thinking twice, gets a job at a small sports prediction firm and starts to predict the outcome of matches. After some time, the no-lose predictor notices a big New York businessman Walter Abrams, who entices Brandon to his bookmaker’s office and starts to make him a star in the unpredictable world of betting. Everything turns out to be not so simple: the heroes enter into a dangerous game, where every loss is like death.

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