Top online gaming trends for 2022

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Trending topics in video games will often include the use of AI and AR, and VR. The trend of AR and VR is accelerating because these technologies are becoming more accessible to users, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in a virtual world at their own convenience, proving what we already knew, that online gaming holds a bright future.

Gamers can see this kind of advancement happening already in gaming with online experiences that offer social media (SM) integration, such as the ability to share videos and images on Twitter and Facebook. Technological advances have made online gameplay more accessible, enabling gamers to stream their content directly from consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation4.

The introduction of VR in gaming

The introduction of VR into gaming goes back to the 1970s, but gamers can find more notable advances throughout the 1990s with the introduction of Sega, Nintendo, and PlayStation VR headsets.

The development of AR and VR technologies will be a massive topic in gaming over the next few years as more gamers become exposed to this kind of technology before investing in it.

Gamers can see this kind of advancement in mobile gaming with VR headsets like Goggle Tech C-1 Glasses leading the way, and other devices such as Oculus Go and HTC Vive Focus. As these technologies become less expensive, players will see them become even more widely used across all platforms.

The advancement of AI and AR technology will also be a big topic during 2022. This kind of advancement requires high processing power beyond what is currently available in standard gaming consoles. Despite this, video game designers are looking for ways to use AI technology to personalize gaming experiences by offering gamers customizable options that cater to each individual’s playstyle.

With many services available for gamers today – such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming – more players than ever before can stream their game content online. These tools allow any gamer with a computer or game console the chance to become a star in these worlds.

Macro gaming trends

Macro gaming trends include online gaming, where gamers can easily share gaming content with their peers across social media platforms. Live streaming tools are abundant for today’s games, ranging from tap-of-a-button streaming options to click-and-share game moments captured on handheld devices.

The ubiquity of video content has invaded TV screens too, simultaneously forcing traditional TV broadcast models further behind as viewing habits change.

Mobile gaming, AR/VR, and eSports will become far more prominent while the insatiable appetite for next-gen consoles may decrease somewhat. Here is a summary of our thoughts.

The 5G revolution

Of course, mobile gaming is going to be much more significant. If you doubt this for even a second, then consider how your phone plan works. When you buy a phone with a monthly data allowance, you don’t immediately lose access to all of your favorite apps after using up 30 or 40GB (or whatever limit they impose). Instead, your phone company allows you to continue using certain apps at full speed while throttling others.

Give it time, and there may come an occasion where you have to specifically request an app or website to be freed from the shackles of mobile data usage.

Objectively speaking, the introduction of 5G will do little to change how we currently play games, but it will improve mobile gaming by taking care of one key issue: game longevity. The servers that power online games put a great deal of stress on computers and devices.

The big four of 2022

Mobile Gaming: Forget what you know. Both 5G and eSports will transform mobile gaming. Esports tournaments for Android games will become commonplace with big bucks at stake, thus giving you a greater motivation to play your favorite game competitively.

Console Gaming: Console gaming is likely to remain popular, but it may never reach its current heights again; the lackluster sales for Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro are testament to that fact.

eSports: The FIFA eWorld Cup will be one of the most significant mainstream events in 2022 as football (soccer) fully embraces eSports. Other major eSports tournaments include the League of Legends World Championships, the Dota 2 International, and the Overwatch League.

Macro Gaming: Macro gaming trends will also influence 2022 as gamers can easily share their content with their peers across social media platforms. More players/gamers than ever before will have the chance to become a star in these worlds due to great live stream tools. That, in turn, will influence the way we play games today.

The one we don’t talk about – VR/AR

When will VR/AR finally take off?

VR is entering a difficult stage in its life cycle where it’s struggling to move past its novelty factor. In 2022 you can expect more people to have tried VR and AR at least once, but only a fraction of these individuals will become true converts.

The future of gaming (more thoughts)

Hardware companies won’t stand still, so expect your favorite ones to release new consoles with beefier specs or more features than before, but these machines are unlikely to have much impact on mobile phones.

Combinations and hybrids for both PC, mobile, and consoles will be key trends. They will offer faster processors, 60 fps frame rates, and authentic 4k graphics (and possibly even 8k in the future).

There will also be more backward compatibility, allowing players to access their old games on the new console. The Xbox Games Pass is likely to take on more importance, allowing gamers to pay one subscription figure for unlimited access to a library of 100+ current and next-gen games. This is similar to how Netflix works, and Microsoft has already tested this service with its Gamepass Network.

There’s an opportunity for makers of esports equipment to target both casual and competitive gamers at home or in venues like arcades/cafes/game centers. The use of headphones (like Beats) and headsets (like PlayStation’s Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0) will remain popular, especially for competitive gamers or those looking to experience 3D audio effects.

Gaming experiences are also becoming increasingly social over the internet thanks to streaming platforms like Twitch. This will mean more socially-inclined players will be able to make friends online through these platforms, leading to more extraordinary offline friendships.

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