5 trendy and classy engagement ring ideas for 2022

silver engagement ring with diamonds

Weddings are always spectacular. Be it the decor or the food, or the ambiance in general, everything about a wedding feels appealing. One of those things is the wedding or engagement ring. And no matter how much you deny it, you too have thought about your wedding engagement ring at some point.

As we enter 2022, we will come across many new trends. When it comes to wedding rings, these trends are not necessarily unique. People often pick up existing trends or styles and just decide to go with them. Over the years, gold bands with diamonds encrusted on them have been the popular ring choices for many couples. Over time, this trend has started to fade away. It is all about gemstones now, with a bit of gold and diamond here and there.

Having established all that, let us take a quick look into five trendy and classy engagement ring ideas for 2022.

1. A Gorgeous Pear Shape Ruby and Diamond Combo

A pear-shaped ruby is beautiful on its own. Add a few diamonds around it, and you have a gorgeous gemstone combo.

Use a 2.4-carat ruby for this ring. Platinum would be the ideal choice for the band. Go for a white color on the band if you can. That will make the ruby look more prominent. For inspiration or to buy it directly, you can check out Leibish’s gemstone rings collection.

Their fancy rings can appeal to anyone, especially their ruby engagement ring collection. Leibish has quite the reputation for providing such luxurious and fancy rings. And for just under $12,000, you too can share some of that fancy vibe.

2. A Vivid Blue Cushion Sapphire Ring

Sapphire was the late Princess Diana’s choice of gemstone. And we can for sure admit that this British-style icon knew her way around gemstones.

Sapphires are not just beautiful to look at, but they can fill you with calm, and comfort you in a way. Getting a vivid blue sapphire ring would be the best choice you make for your wedding attire. Blue compliments almost all other colors. So irrespective of the color you are wearing at your wedding, you can rest assured that the gemstone will compliment it.

A cushion cut is the best way to wear a sapphire. It has a large shape, and the edges feel quite nice as well. Like the ruby ring, we talked about earlier, this sort of cushion cut sapphire ring will also cost you around $12,000. However, it will be money well-spent, know that.

3. An Exquisite Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

When you first hear the words ‘ruby’ and ‘diamond’ in the same sentence, you probably think of something super expensive. However, this ruby and diamond halo ring is available for a little over $5,000. The ruby is of course the center of attention. It is big, round, and demands everyone’s attention. The diamond halo helps elevate the ruby’s appeal. And it does so very elegantly without overpowering it.

4. A Stunning Green Emerald and Diamond Combo

The diamonds here surround the emerald in the form of a halo. It is quite similar to the ruby and diamond halo ring we talked about early. You can probably tell that people will pick up on the halo trend in 2022.

The best part about the diamond halo and the green emerald is the contrast. The combination forms an elegant and stunning look. For under $6,000, it is quite the bargain as well.

5. A Simple Oval Blue Sapphire Ring

In case the cushion cut sapphire feels a bit too expensive, you can tone things down a little. For under $3,000, you can opt for an oval-shaped sapphire ring. This one weighs under a carat but still looks very attractive. The vivid blue color is still there, which means the stone will not go unnoticed irrespective of its small size.

As you can tell by now, many of these rings are quite expensive. However, you can adjust the prices for the same styles if you compromise a bit on the clarity and carat size. In case you do not want that, you can always look for alternatives. Jewelry stores like Leibish offer a variety of colored diamonds and gemstones. You can go as low as $500 and still find something fancy, appealing, and somewhat trendy.

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