5 unusual ways to combine prints and embroidery

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If you found this page, then it’s likely that your customers are asking for these combination designs, or you have an idea in mind that requires the mixed-use of print and embroidery. The good news is that technology allows for almost endless opportunities to create designs that your customers will love and that you will be proud of.

However, if you’ve been using only one of these methods and want to expand your offerings, you may need to buy new equipment and software and develop new skills. If you are coming from embroidery, you will need to learn graphic design and print skills. If you are coming from the world of graphic design, then you will need to practice embroidery. One way to make it easier to combine your custom embroidery with print is to turn to a professional company that does it all for you while offering a wide range of colors. In this post, we’ll show you some of the best ways to combine print and embroidery, as well as some tips on how to get the most out of your designs.

Try Photos

Your favorite photo can easily be turned into something you’re excited to show off when you combine print with embroidery. Because this will require more production time and money, it’s better suited for small batches, but if you have a photo that would be perfect for a garment and don’t need a large quantity, consider printing photos with embroidery. You can print an image of a building, animal, or any other photo.


You’ve spent a lot of time designing your logo, so use a combination of print and embroidery to show it off! Combining printing and embroidery can make your brand stand out and give your apparel a professional look. Combining your brand’s graphic with an embroidery/print production method means that even complex designs can be printed clearly.

Send A Message

Text sends a message, whether you’re telling people to “be happy” or “stay positive” or telling people about your brand. The text stands out when it is embroidered onto a garment. Because it has a more polished look over simply printing, this is a popular choice for brands to provide to their employees or ambassadors. Combining text with embroidery ensures that the edges of your text are crisp so that they are clear and easy to read.

Foil Print

Also known as stamping, this is a printing method where a color foil is applied to the fabric’s surface for a sophisticated look. The shimmer of foil printing might be the right choice for regal designs or brands looking for a metallic sheen. Star designs look great when produced with the foil print technique.

Sublimation Printing

A very popular method for applying designs onto T-shirts or ceramic mugs, sublimation printing is when the design is first printed onto a special type of paper. Then that image is transferred onto another material, typically polyester or a polyester mix. It combines embroidery and printing for situations when the design or logo is too complex, so it is easier to just print it directly onto the embroidery so you avoid zigzagging lines in the stitches, which would make an otherwise great design look messy. This helps make even the most intricate designs clear when applied to clothing.

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