How to virtually date successfully

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Now that the pandemic has swept the world, more people and more people now discover the benefits of meeting someone online. Online dating services like Insta Sext have seen a considerable increase in users who proved to be reluctant to put their love life on pause. If you’re still single and craving to find your significant other online (or just looking for something more casual), it’s high time you experienced the benefits and huge potential of virtual dating.

But, as we all know, the whole point of online dating it to take it offline eventually and live happily ever after. But it would be meaningless to argue that the vast majority of online encounters end with face-to-face meetings. Let’s try to figure out the recipe for effective dating and communication which will hopefully transform in a rewarding and long-term relationship.

Plan Ahead

Impromptu dates can be fun and exciting, but this can hardly apply to online dates. As with a face-to-face date, you need to invest enough time, effort, and creativity in planning each and every of your virtual dates. You want to impress your romantic interest with a non-trivial idea. Arrange an Asian, Halloween, or even swimming date to show how much you care and appreciate your date’s company and your communication. Alternatively, you may stick with something more traditional and fix a nice dinner (yes, it can be a good idea to demonstrate your culinary talents even if your partner cannot taste what you’ve cooked so far). A romantic candlelight dinner can be that win-win solution, since it’s an all-time classic of a dating genre.

Don’t get frustrated if your first date doesn’t go as planned. Lots of people confess that their first dates were somewhat awkward. If you really like the person you date, you’ll find the way to figure out how to arrange for your next date so that it passes off with flying colors.

Prepare a Solid Foundation

Virtual dating may serve as a great preparation for meeting up in person when you finally decide that you want to take your relationship to the next level. Video callings, exchanging messages, and surprising your match with virtual presents from time to time may go a long way towards helping you two establish a strong connection. Thus, you’ll manage to get to know your romantic interest without relying solely on sexual attraction.

Make Sure You Have a Good Wi-Fi Connection

There is nothing more irritating and pesky than being cut off mid-sentence or stop seeing the person you’re dating because of the poor Wi-Fi or network connection. The truth is we live in a fast-paced world and every time people encounter a slow Internet connection or its effects, to be exact, they feel trapped. And the feeling of being trapped triggers the natural desire to fight and snap. It’s just the way our brain is wired! So you definitely don’t want the poor connection to infuriate your love interest. Make sure he/she has your undivided attention and ensure your sound or video doesn’t lag or get blurry.

Joke and Ask Questions

When you dive into the world of virtual romance, you may want to learn what actually constitutes a successful online dating.

Experts note that your ability to keep the conversation going is the key that can spark your potential match’s interest much faster and get them attracted to you. You should come in prepared with topics to discuss to ensure there will be no awkward pauses during the conversation. Ask your match about their work, the things they like, etc.

You also may want to spice up your conversation with witty remarks and jokes. But be careful. A sense of humor is quite a subjective matter. Make sure you don’t touch on sensitive or ambiguous topics.

Beware of Scammers

Lonely hearts are easy to deceive. The point is romantic scammers are very experienced psychologists who know what buttons to push to enamor a credulous person. Oftentimes, romantic fraudsters create phony profiles with appealing descriptions and eye-catching photos and write to their target victims with the view to swindling money out of them or stealing their identity.

Be prudent and vigilant once you begin your dating quest. Never share your personal information with anyone you meet online and avoid sending money to your new virtual acquaintances. You would be well-advised to ignore all pathetic stories about the sick relatives and other predicaments that allegedly prevent your romantic interest from meeting you face-to-face. Thus, you’ll save yourself not only money, but also disappointment.

Take a Look at Your Love Interest’s Social Media

We live in the time where an Instagram profile can tell much more about its owner than thousands of words. So, you definitely should take advantage of that once you start meeting someone online.

After you peruse your romantic interest’s profile on the dating website, look at their social media profile linked to their dating profile. It will help you learn more about their predilections, interests, family, and friends. What’s more, checking someone’s social media is an effective way to make sure that your date is who they say they are.

It’s also a good idea to check out your own social media once again to ensure it doesn’t disclose any sensitive information which may be used by scammers.

Hope these tips will help you make the most of your online dating!

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