11 things you need to know before visiting Russia

photo of moscow in the evening

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning across the length of Europe and Asia. This country has much to offer but there are some things you need to be aware of and plan in advance in order to avoid any culture shock.

We have put together 11 things you need to know before visiting Russia.

You need to get your visa in advance

Russians has a strict visa policy, so you need to research and plan for this in advance.

You need to have an invitation to qualify for a visa, but don’t worry, this can come from the hotel you plan to stay at or the tour you are planning to go on.

This means that you will need to book your accommodation in advance, so this is something to remember if you are used to turning up to a city or country and finding a hostel.

Remember to register when you arrive

After you have successfully got your visa, flown to Russia, checked into your hotel and started exploring you need to remember that after arriving you will have three days to register with the government as a tourist.

You will receive an immigration document that you must keep on your person at all times and keep your registration stamps up to date, otherwise, you might end up having to pay a heavy fine if caught.

Brush up on the lingo & the Cyrillic alphabet

An important tip is to learn a few local phrases and the Cyrillic alphabet. Most Russians do not speak English and you will find it hard to find anyone who does outside of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

If you are stuck, try and download Google Translate, this will work offline and will be a lifesaver. However, remember also that many things such as train station names and maps will also be in Russian only.

This is why if you can decipher the alphabet it will be a lot easier for you.

Plan, plan, plan

Russia isn’t the type of holiday you can just turn up and plan on a whim. You need to be organised and have a planned itinerary, not only for visa issues but also to navigate this huge country and its transport system.

If you don’t know any Russian it will be hard to get around outside of the main tourist areas. Most people who visit Russia opt for a tour, but you can do it yourself, it’s just going to take a little bit more effort than your average destination…
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