Wardrobe essentials every woman should have

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Being a woman is great but it is greater when you dress like the classy woman you ought to be. As a matter of facts, you feel confident and ready to overcome obstacles when you dress well.

As a woman, your wardrobe can describe who you are in terms of your profession as well as your taste and preferences. In other words, your wardrobe is an extension of your personal brand. That’s why your wardrobe should contain enough pieces of clothes to reflect first and foremost your beauty, then uniqueness, and confidence through style.

However, there is no such thing as an established wardrobe without the basics. You need the basics to transform the foundation of your wardrobe and take your personal brand to a higher notch. Besides, a closet equipped with the right outfits can make everyday dressing smoother giving you an opportunity to face your days with confidence regardless of what awaits you.

So, if you are willing to elevate your personal brand but you aren’t sure about the pieces of clothes you must add to your current wardrobe, the list below is here to guide you. It shares some wardrobe essentials that every woman out there must strive to have.

Black dress

You may have heard some women talk about their all-time versatile little black dresses with so much passion. That’s because gone are the days when black dresses were associated with funerals, mourning, or formal events. Today, you can confidently wear your elegant black dress on numerous occasions.

Moreover, black doesn’t show stains. So if you wear it to a party and accidentally someone spills their red wine on your dress, it won’t be the end of it like it would be the case with a white dress. Some stains are invisible with black which means after a typical wash, you can still rock in your black dress to another event. This makes a black outfit your number one option whenever attending a party or a night out with friends.


Another essential item every woman must have is a pair of jeans. No closet is complete without at least one but the more the better. With the help of the right accessories, a good pair of denim can act as a wardrobe staple and transition your look from casual to chic. You can wear your jeans to work during weekends or an informal event. Denim is also a piece of cloth to go by when travelling thanks to its comfort and convenience to the wearer. When shopping for a pair of jeans, be sure to put into consideration the length, fit and stretch to ensure you take home a pair of jeans that will serve you for long.


Who said you can only wear your leggings when working out? While they are more preferred by workout enthusiasts, you should also have a pair of leggings you slip in maybe after work, when relaxing at home or when you must go out but aren’t ready to compromise your comfort. A good pair of leggings can even replace your pair of trousers.


Sweats can be worn to different occasions these days. Depending on how you accessorize your look, someone may not even notice you’ve worn sweatpants at a glance. That’s because wisely styled sweatpants look like a pair of trousers. It’s absolutely okay to wear your sweats to work depending on the nature of your work but sweats are mostly preferred when travelling, heading out for a party, or generally when going out.

There are numerous ways you can dress your sweatpants to create an impressive look. For instance, you can wear yours with a cropped top or tucked silky shirt and a pair of heels or ankle boots.

Knit dress

A knit dress provides every woman with a chance to look good with minimum effort. A knit dress also comes in handy when the weather became colder but you aren’t ready to compromise your style. You can have your short knit dress with a pair of high boots but a look one will go well with ankle boots. If you want some more warmth, put on a trench coat on top and you’ll be good to go.


Every lady in the corporate world needs a well-tailored suit to rock in for special occasions. The most impressive feature of a suit is the fact that it can be worn together or as separates. Meaning, that you can wear the skirt or trousers without their blazer and vice versa. This expands its usage in the wardrobe as you can wear the separates on different occasions without anyone noticing.

Furthermore, a suit makes you look sharper and smarter. Someone is more likely to believe in yourself if you are dressed in a good quality suit.

A good suit must be comfortable. It should not be so tight around the waist as well as your posterior. An uncomfortable suit is a deal breaker. So you must be careful when shopping for yours even if it means trying out as many suits as you can until you find your perfect fit.

Moto jacket

A Moto jacket is a timeless essential woman should have. Its versatility makes it a wardrobe staple as it’s a piece of cloth that can be worn in numerous ways from casual, and edgy to chic depending on your style, taste, and preferences.

Whether you prefer to call your a moto jacket, motorcycle jacket, black leather jacket, or biker jacket, the fact remains that this is one piece of cloth that should be in every woman’s closet regardless of her age.

For a preppy look, pair your moto jacket with plaid tights, shorts a beret, and a sweater. For a more feminine look, a midi skirt and heels will do the magic. For an edgy vibe, dress your moto jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans, a tee, and moto boots. You can also accessorize your outfit with black accessories to create a classic look.

Cashmere sweater

A cashmere sweater is the most comfortable and versatile piece of cloth you can have in your wardrobe. It is undeniably warm, comfortable, and classy. It is one of those outfits that make you feel special even without the efforts of someone else. Its luxurious nature gives you room to experience fine things in life. The sweater comes in different styles such as crew neck, v-neck, or cardigan. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a piece that makes you feel good about life.

Trench coat

If you want a practical but stylish look, go for a classic neutral trench coat. Although trench coats are ideally meant for rainy seasons, the classic silhouette of a trench is still perfect on dry days; you only need to add some layers underneath.


A woman’s closet is incomplete without a good pair of proper sneakers. These kinds of shoes come in handy because they can go with anything you wear from jeans to a skater dress. They are the shoes you need every time you want to step out without compromising your comfort.

The classy woman

You are a gorgeous lady, don’t allow your wardrobe to be the limiting factor. Even though the trends come and go, the above wardrobe essentials last a lifetime. They won’t like to be rendered useless because they are no longer in fashion especially if you are creative and willing to try out new looks.

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