7 ways to build meaningful human connections

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Many people believe that only a lucky few have the ability to connect with every person they meet, but that’s not necessarily the case. Anyone can develop a human connection with any individual out there, which is proven by how you probably already have some relationships you treasure in your life.

The reason behind this is that people are innately social creatures that are hardwired to look for a community. As a matter of fact, one’s drive for human connection is so powerful that several studies have shown that feeling isolated and lonely is more detrimental to one’s health compared to obesity and smoking.

However, it can be confusing to determine what human connections mean. Well, a true connection doesn’t happen instantly, like the way a computer recognizes a new device. So if you want to achieve synchronicity with someone, make sure to consider the following to build meaningful human connections:

1. Try To Reach Out

One of the first things you can do to build a purposeful connection with other people is to reach out to them. But this can be a hard thing to do, especially if you’re not used to socializing.

Still, if you want to succeed in building connections and if you prioritize self-care, gather enough courage to make the first move. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with initiating a conversation or attempting to connect with someone out of the blue.

2. Get To Know Other People Better

People can easily sense a desire to connect. Just be honest with your intentions and engage without any agenda in mind.

It’s also a good reminder to not assume that everyone has a motive when starting a conversation with you. Part of building meaningful human connections is being open to letting other people into your world.

3. Practice Active Listening

When it comes to listening, the golden rule is to do so deeply and mindfully. This is because most people are always quick to chat but slow to hear. There are even some people who don’t really listen to the person talking to them and are simply looking for an opportunity to speak. This kind of communication isn’t conversing because a conversation is more like a tapestry woven with ideas, feelings, and words.

Before you meet up with anyone, set expectations and aim to listen instead of interrupting them. You should also focus your mind and thoughts. Engage with curiosity, and never embrace judgment. Your goal should be to connect with and understand others in a genuine manner.

4. Pay Attention To Your Posture And Body

Often, your nonverbal cues and body language say a lot more than your words do. The body and face are complex messengers that can convey tone, emotion, intent, attitude, and action. For example, once you sit up straight with your arms uncrossed, you’re showing that you’re receptive and open.

If possible, put your phone away so you can pay close attention to the person you’re talking to. Prioritize presence, which would allow your companion to feel comfortable and let you reveal your openness, comfort, and receptivity.

5. Engage With Emotions

If you’re looking for friends, you should be prepared to open up your emotional self. A relationship can progress toward intimacy via shared stories, emotions, and experiences.

Even if it’s hard to open up to someone, particularly if you’ve been hurt before, you should know that there’s no way around it. Your vulnerability is the way to greater connection as well as relational intimacy with another individual. Showing your soul to somebody new requires courage and trust.

Being open is an optimistic act. You let someone in to feel your heart and explore your mind. As a result, you’ll be able to build a genuine relationship. So try not to put up a wall or worry about the messy or sad things about you. Everybody has those too, and you’ll likely feel much better once you’ve shared yours with others.

6. Ask Deeper Questions

If you want to truly know somebody, you should dive below the surface. Ask some deep questions to move your conversations out of the usual chit-chat and niceties and toward vulnerability and intimacy.

Generally, there are several levels of knowing somebody and attaining a deeper human connection. These include the following:

  • Self-Narrative – This involves the stories you tell about how you are, how you find meaning and purpose, and how you view the life and world.
  • Personal Concerns – This level is where you start to understand someone else’s values, philosophy, beliefs, and worldview.
  • General Traits – Here, you get to know somebody’s personality, tendencies, quirks, and traits.

There are countless questions you can ask someone to encourage rapid intimacy. With the use of deeper questions when building human connections, you’ll be able to achieve a stronger personal connection. Preselecting some deep questions will help you prepare for fuller conversations.

If you don’t know where to get started, use questions that are related to personal concerns, general traits, and self-narratives. You can also check out some videos or references online about the possible questions you can ask to start a connection with someone.

7. Make Eye Contact

One of the ways to build relationships and a meaningful human connection is to make eye contact. Looking into somebody’s eyes activates a social connection. Also, a connected gaze stimulates empathy and reveals that you’re attentive and attuned to the other.

When you’re making eye contact, your and your friend’s eyes may blink in a synchronized manner as both of you share your intentions and emotions with one another. See to it that you maintain consistent eye contact during your conversation.

Also, don’t fixate or stare – just hold your gaze with a few breaks. Keep in mind that the eyes are considered the windows to one’s soul. When seeking a deeper connection, always use strong eye contact to see the person in front of you and understand them better.

Final Thoughts

Building meaningful human connections is quite challenging. Despite trying or wanting this kind of connection, some people might not understand you or might not show up for you. However, don’t get disappointed when those things happens, and always think that you’re worthy of connection.

Also, no matter your circumstances, you’ll be able to find people who’ll have the desire and capacity to build meaningful connections with you because they know you’re worth it. Just follow the tips above properly so you can get the results you want.

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