Whoever said teddy bears and hockey do not mix is wrong

You read the title of this article correctly, we can now say teddy bears and ice hockey are as great of a pair as some of the most iconic pairings of all time. You might be asking yourself how two completely separate things intertwine with one another, but by the end of this article, you will understand. There are a bunch of different ideas that one’s mind could jump to, but this definitely is one of the best that it could have been.

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Okay, What Happened to Mix These Two?

The Binghamton Devils and the Hershey Bears were ready to face off inside of the Giant Center back in 2018 during the holiday season, and this obviously was not just any other game. Instead, it was the night that they celebrated their annual Teddy Bear Toss. The Teddy Bear Toss is an event where the Hershey Bears encourage their fans to bring a teddy bear and toss it on the ice whenever the home team scores for the first time in the game.

What happened next will melt your heart a bit as when the Bears scored their first goal eight minutes into the game, there were a world record amount of teddy bears that were thrown onto the ice as 45,650 bears were thrown onto the ice.

This definitely took a while to clean up, as there was a sea of teddy bears throughout the entire rink, and it delayed the game by about 40 minutes. However, it was not without a lot of joy, as the Hershey Bears players were more than excited to dive into the mountain of teddy bears.

As we previously said, this was the new world record by a large margin, and the generosity that literally rained down onto the American Hockey League players was able to be distributed to 40 different charities during the holiday season. This has become a yearly tradition where the 2021 holiday season saw 52,341 teddy bears be donated.

The Legacy of the Event

This event happened and made this a lot more common throughout the entire sport as a bunch of different Teddy Bear Tosses throughout the hockey leagues, from the National Hockey League all the way down. There has been a drastic increase in the amount of teddy bears given during the holiday season to a bunch of different charities that help children get at least that as a gift. It also proved that you do not need to be the bearer of bad news and instead can be one of the people to continue to help make this continue to be successful as the years go on.


Some people may have gone to the game just to see how it would look with the ice littered with teddy bears from goal to goal, and it was definitely a surreal sight for anyone to see. Stuffed animals of all different shapes and sizes were thrown throughout the ice, looking like rain was coming from all over.

Some things are just bigger than a regular season game in the American Hockey League between the Binghamton Devils and the Hershey Bears, and this definitely fits the bill. There definitely were people there that came just to be a part of the experience of throwing a teddy bear onto a sports floor, and let’s just be thankful they were not shut out.

“It is Teddy Bear Toss time” said the lead play-by-play announcer when the goal was placed into the back of the net off of the deflection and made it look incredible. What are some other incredible acts of kindness that have happened throughout the history of sports that have left you in complete shock and awe like this?

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