Why your link building strategies are not working

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Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. The rankings of your website will be heavily influenced by your links.

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, which means that link building campaigns have to be relevant and sophisticated.

If you are employing link building strategies that aren’t getting the desired results, then keep reading to find out the possible causes.

Your Links Aren’t From Relevant Websites

For links, building quality is always more important than quantity. Google values links from websites that are relevant to your niche.

For example, if your website is about real estate, then gaining links from a medical blog wouldn’t be as effective.

The relevance of your links is just as important as the authority. You should get links from real websites that are already trusted by Google.

It can be difficult to acquire these high-quality links, but they provide excellent value due to the rankings boost that you will get.

Many businesses will use an outreach strategy to acquire relevant guest posts or link insertions from real authority websites in their niche.

If you do use this strategy, you can make it more effective by closely targeting relevant websites rather than mass emailing many websites.

You should do some research to collect a list of authority websites that are highly relevant to your niche but aren’t directly in competition with you. These are the links that will provide the greatest value in a link building strategy.

Significance of Referral Traffic

The objective of an effective link building strategy should never be only to acquire links. If you have this mindset, then your strategy is not likely to bring the desired results.

A link building strategy should be related to a general content marketing strategy. This means you should focus on creating valuable content that provides value for the reader, rather than providing filler content with the sole intention of adding a link. You need to ask yourself if you would personally click on the link if you saw it in the article.

The article must be engaging, and the link should be somewhere that people would actively click on it. The more someone clicks on the link, the more effective your strategy will be.

You can check clicks by going to your Google Analytics dashboard. This will allow you to see which websites are getting links and which ones aren’t. You can then start to modify your strategy to create better content…
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