4 worst things you can do to the environment

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that our environment is more fragile than ever. Humans need to take action in a big way By failing to recognize the most harmful things to our environment, we’re exacerbating the negative impacts that we have on the planet.

From climate change to pollution to reduced biodiversity, the actions of humans have had a substantial negative impact on the earth.

While not everything we’ve done is entirely irreversible, there are things we can do to slow down our negative impact. While it helps to know what you can do to help the environment, it also helps to know what you shouldn’t do. Here are some of the worst things you can do to the environment that we as a society should avoid at all costs.

Create Excessive Waste

Excessive waste is a serious problem. One of the biggest causes of waste is single-use plastic. Luckily there are alternative forms of plastic available, however the majority of plastic is incredibly harmful to our environment and ends up in landfills where it sits and pollutes the earth.

The next time you have the choice to buy something that is reusable or single-use, consider buying reusable. Not only will you save yourself more money, but you’ll also be doing your part to reduce the amount of waste we contribute as a whole.


Deforestation is a serious problem and results in the permanent removal of trees and vegetation in natural areas. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize that some of our favorite products are produced as a result of deforestation. When we remove an excessive amount of trees, we are reducing the amount of oxygen that is released into our atmosphere. Not to mention, the process of deforestation releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide.

We can prevent further deforestation in the world by prioritizing sustainable practices and responsible farming.

Excessive Water Consumption

Even though you may think that long showers are nothing more than an innocent pleasure, the truth is that excessive water consumption takes its toll on the earth. Water is one of our most precious resources, and when we overuse it, we are depleting our reserves. Not to mention, water treatment itself is a large contributor to pollution. Be responsible with your water consumption by putting reasonable limits on the amount that you consume. From taking shorter showers to turning the water off when not in use, it’s important that we stay responsible with how much water we use on a daily basis.


Unfortunately, many agricultural practices use excessive pesticides which are extremely bad for the environment. Pesticides can contaminate the air that we breathe, pollute soil, and ultimately result in a lack of biodiversity. By supporting sustainable agricultural practices and organic farming, we can reduce the amount of pesticides that are released into the air and also reduce the amount of health consequences we suffer as a result.

By understanding the negative impacts we have on the earth and avoiding the amount of damage we do, we can raise awareness and improve the state of our planet.

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