Your go-to list of acroyoga festivals around the world


Acroyoga is an amazing experience. A symphony of acrobatics and Yoga is what Acroyoga is all about. Since you are searching for festivals, chances are you are already hooked to this practice or definitely know about the perks.

It does not matter whether you are only a beginner who has taken a few classes and workshops or a pro-teacher, it’s always a good time to be a part of an Acroyoga fest.

You must have definitely had a lot of fun being the base or flyer and being a part of a jam or two. It’s now time to attend a festival since it is a singular opportunity to explore every aspect of Acroyoga and dive deep into it.

An acro yoga festival is the perfect way to live the true essence of it i.e. train, play, and build a community.

The soul and vision of Acroyoga

The word Acroyoga is unanimously understood to be yoga acrobatics. There is a feeling of therapeutic flying, great strength, and focus associated with it. So, what is the real deal that makes it such a captivating art; if we may say it.

Here are the three main reasons that come to mind:

– Socializing and meeting people from the acro community all across the globe
– Familiarize with teachers of various styles and learn their skills from all over the world
– Get better at new flows and techniques in order to improve your skills

The founder, Jason Nemer remarked his envisionment for coining Acroyoga, “I am forever amazed at how a first AcroYoga flight can dissolve barriers of language and country, or how one improvement on a handstand can invigorate new possibilities of strength, balance, and progress”.

Now that the purpose is clear, we now focus on the ways to choose a festival.

How do you choose which festival to attend?

Acroyoga was officially coined in 2003 and it took off from there to building a global community. It would be difficult in the initial years to search for authentic and good festivals.

But, this isn’t 2009 anymore. With the increase in popularity, there are so many places you can visit. Here are the ways in which you can narrow down and select the cream.

There are at least a dozen festivals with very customized filters organized all over the world that you can choose from. Better yet, an excellent excuse to travel the world and connect with people…
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