6 useful home maintenance tips

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Buying a home is a great investment. No one would imagine that investment going down the drain because of small repairs they failed to observe. Poor home maintenance can have dire consequences for the homeowner. Apart from living in wanting conditions, getting a buyer would be out of the question in case you ever need to sell it. Therefore, if you already have a home, it’s vital you have your home regularly deep cleaned and serviced to make it look at its best all the time. You also need to live in a cosy home. Then why not take advantage of the tips below to make your home a haven?

1. Deep clean your home

Deep cleaning your home is the first thing you need to observe when it comes to home maintenance. Please note that keeping your home tidy is not the same as deep cleaning it. While keeping your home tidy is good, it may not be enough to reach the far ends. The truth is, the usual cleaning we do in our homes doesn’t always involve cleaning all the appliances, mopping the floors, wiping all surfaces, vacuuming, cleaning the windows and the like. When you don’t deep clean your home, it may look clean to your eyes but it may still be home to bacteria and other infectious substances. If you want to make your home safe to its occupants who happens to be you and your loved ones, have it deep cleaned at least once every couple of months. Since deep cleaning can be time consuming and tiresome, it would be best to hire a cleaning service company to do the task.

2. Take care of the pipes

It’s obvious you need water inside your house no wonder you have taps and sinks in almost every corner of your home. However, dealing with leakage can be so annoying, to say the least. Although pipe maintenance may not necessarily top your list of things to do, never underestimate its importance. Taking care of the pipes can prevent costly repairs in the coming days. If you don’t want to incur unnecessary costs replacing the pipes, then small maintenance tips can greatly help.

First, always be on the lookout for any pipe leaks. This is a common problem found in many poorly maintained homes. That’s because it’s not easy to detect the problem right away. It may even take months before the signs of a leaking pipe begin to show and by then, the damage will already have been done. The best way is to ensure your plumbing system is inspected every year. This will reduce the chances of any leakage and in case of a problem, the professionals will arrest the problem before it gets out of hand. Another plumbing issue you should avoid is clogged pipes. Prevent this problem by installing a drain filter in the shower drain, bathtub and the sink. This ensures debris like dirt, hair, oil-based bath products and hair products don’t end up clogging the pipes. You could save a lot of money in plumbing repairs from this inexpensive solution.

3. Clean the gutters

For gutters to do their work, they should be well-maintained. Hence, make sure gutter maintenance in your home takes place at least twice a year to prevent instances of gutters overflowing with debris which can lead to more costly water damages. The proper way to maintain the gutters is by checking and cleaning them as much as possible. You should also seal any leaks, replace damaged gutters and clean away any muck. If you are a super DIYer, you can do the basics but for professional wash, hire a professional gutter cleaner to thoroughly clean the gutters.

4. Clean your washing machine

You always feel good when you wear clean clothes and sleep under clean beddings. But do you bother to check the well-being of the machine that cleaned them? A washing machine that is not well maintained can begin to emit an odour or worse still break down. Before you begin to notice any signs of foul smell, mildew or mold, form a routine to wash your washing machine at least once a month. It won’t only serve you longer but your home will be clean and fresher.

5. Check the water heater

How would it feel to turn the hot water in your shower only to receive cold water early one morning? It can be damn frustrating considering you have a busy day ahead of you. Such a scenario can only happen to you if you regularly check the water heater. Just like any other appliances, even water heaters require proper maintenance to prevent them from damage and increase their longevity. When the sediment suspended in the water get in your water heater, they typically sit at the bottom of the tank automatically causing damage to the base of the water heater. The only way to clean the water heater is to drain out the water from it and clean the inside surface of its floor. Do this at least once per year.

6. Arrange a roof inspection

Your roof can have an extensive lifespan if properly maintained. Thus, ensure you have a periodic roof inspection and necessary repairs done. Experts recommend a professional inspection once every three years and self-check twice a year. During a self-check, be on the lookout for any missing shingles, water stains and leaks especially after storms and severe weather conditions. If you notice any damages of this kind, contact a professional to do the repairs immediately. Alternatively, if you want to give your home a new look, consult a trusted roofing company to change the roofing into a new one.

Make your home worth living in

A well-maintained home is a haven you are comfortable to relax and re-energize after a long busy day. Don’t wait until things get worse. Be on the lookout all the time. Avoid waiting until there is an issue to deal with. Prevention can go a long way and can save you a fortune. Of course, you cannot do all the above things in one day. Make a checklist of the things to complete within a certain duration and be consistent.

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